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Social Media, Modern Outrage, Rotary’s Rules of Engagement and Our Peace Initiative

Rotary at all levels encourages its members to take advantage of social media platforms to spread the good news about Rotary. We have embarked on this journey with no real understanding of the implications of doing so. It has been… Continue Reading →

Retention NO! Engagement YES!

by John Borst, PP Rotary Club of Dryden When is Rotary going to learn that the concept of “Retention” is just old school? Today the buzz word is “Engagement”. And mark my word this is not just a matter of… Continue Reading →

Woeful, Wobbly, Wonderful Websites

by John Borst Communications Director, District 5550 One has to wonder why many Rotary clubs even bother to have websites. The woes are many. Among the worse sins are: wordless banners presidential themes that are out of date the latest… Continue Reading →

by John Borst, Communications Director, District 5550 With the invention of the Internet, society is going through the most profound change in the history of humankind. It is a change even bigger than the one ushered in by the printing… Continue Reading →

In the “New Order” 2 out of 4 is not good enough

by John Borst Brian Solis in “The End of Business as Usual” describes 5 stages for a business to achieve “customer-centricity” Stage four is defined as “Adaptive” meaning “informed, agile, and able to rapidly switch direction, grow, and evolve”. Rotary… Continue Reading →

Websites, Social Media and Rotary Clubs

by John Borst, Director Communications, District 5550 District 5550 has 48 clubs; 14 still do not have a website. Without a website, those clubs have no way of sharing the local Rotary story among their friends, relatives, other Rotarians or… Continue Reading →

Too much monkey business

A response to Frank Bures “Too Much Information” April 16, 2011 By John Borst When I first read the title of Frank Bures’ “Too Much Information”, (The Rotarian, April 2011, page 27) a tune popped into my head. At first… Continue Reading →

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