Polio and Vaccination: A Memoir of What We’ve Forgotten

What I learned from getting polio 70 years ago? Amnesia is a traitor that lets old enemies through the gates. By Crawford Kilian  Editor’s note: the following article first appeared in The Tyee a web publication out of Vancouver Canada. It… Continue Reading →

Tattooed for Rotary’s Polio Plus a Creative Way to Raise Dollars

On March 22, 2018, Brenda Banbury the PolioPlus fundraiser for District 5550 gave the Clubs a challenge.  Brenda wrote: “Millions of dollars are still required to wage war against polio.  And this is where you and your clubs can help. … Continue Reading →

Wethe4 Interactive: After Polio What?

Wethe4-Interactive: where you write the story. Please write a comment on the social media platform where you read this. I will then gather the responses to this post into a story. Interactive Enquiry #8 After polio what? a) choose one… Continue Reading →

‘The Sky is the Limit’ for Rotarians

By Ray Klinginsmith, Trustee Chair 2015 – 16 The numbers are impressive: Rotary comprises more than 35,000 clubs with 1.2 million members in 200 countries and geographic regions. It’s big enough to be a major partner in the eradication of… Continue Reading →

Polio: It is your Rotary story; write it well

R. Ravindra, President 2015-16 Last month, after confirming a full year without a single case of wild poliovirus, Nigeria was removed from the list of the world’s polio-endemic countries. It was the last polio-endemic country in Africa. Today, only two… Continue Reading →

When Polio Walked the Earth: Notes on a forgotten disease

Editor’s Note: Permission to post the following article has been received from Peter Kavanagh, Random House of Canada Ltd. and The Walrus magazine. MEMOIR BY PETER KAVANAGH • ILLUSTRATION BY MICHAEL BYERS • J UNE 2015 • It’s hard to capture the sense of panic… Continue Reading →

Five Goals of The Rotary Foundation Trustees for 2012-13

By Wilf Wilkinson, The Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Accepting the leadership of The Rotary Foundation after my predecessors – in particular, Past RI President Bill Boyd – did such a great job is a challenge. Oh, it’s not that I… Continue Reading →

“A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down”

RI General Secretary John Hewko’s Address to the World Vaccine Congress – 12 April 2012 Washington, DC It is my honor and privilege to be here at the World Vaccine Congress and to proudly represent the 1.2 million men and… Continue Reading →

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