Two key videos released on the Vancouver ‘Environmental Sustainability and Peace’ Conference

In early February, I wrote, under the title Peace Building Reveals the ‘New’ Rotary about the Presidents’ first Peace Building Conference “Environmental Sustainability and Peace”. In it, I lauded the opening “protocol” by Councilor Morgan Guerin of the Musqueam First… Continue Reading →

Is Environmental Sustainability a Rotary Peace issue?

Wethe4-Interactive: where you write the story. Please write a comment on the social media platform where you read this. I will then gather the responses to this post into a story. The question this week grows out of the “Environmental… Continue Reading →

One more time: Trying to Find a Non-Political Way for Rotary to Deal with America’s Most Avoidable Health Problem – Gun Violence

By John Borst PP Rotary Club of Dryden, ON In 2017 when Rotary created a policy placing restrictions on the use of its Marks of Excellence for events and promotions involving guns many American Rotarians were outraged, claiming that it… Continue Reading →

RI President’s Christmas message, December 1917

by John Borst, PP Rotary Club of Dryden, ON 100 years ago, Rotary’s first International president, a Canadian from the Rotary Club of Winnipeg, wrote this Christmas message in The Rotarian. “There is no growth unaccompanied by growing pains…peace is… Continue Reading →

The Struggle for Peace: A Rotary Challenge

A Remembrance Day Memorial: Recalling the Rwanda Genocide of 1994 in Song “Kilgali” By John Borst, PP  Rotary Club of Dryden Today is Remembrance Day. In the US it is called Veteran’s Day. It is appropriate on such days to… Continue Reading →


by John Borst, Past President Rotary Club of Dryden, ON Two Dryden High School students, Abbey Taylor and Sarah Becker were the first Dryden students to take part in a new Rotary District 5550 program called “Rotary Adventures in Human… Continue Reading →

Examples Big and Small are Centerpiece of Rotary World Peace Conference

Editor’s Note: The following report was published at LinkedIn on January 23, 2016 By John Bernaden, Past president of the Rotary Club of Milwaukee, More than 1,000 Rotarians from 40 countries, including myself, attended the Rotary World Peace Conference on January 15-16th in Ontario,… Continue Reading →

Rotary Peace Building Initiative to Achieve Sustainable World Peace: a Proposal

By Don Higgins, Rotary Club of Pinellas Park and Honorary Board Member, Rotarian Action Group for Peace Within the next few years it appears that Rotary International (RI) working with the World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations around the… Continue Reading →

Fight not with violence but education, understanding, and peace

K.R. Ravindran, President 2015-16 One sunny morning at the end of June 1991, a van drove through the busy, rush-hour streets of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Winding through traffic to a northern suburb, the van arrived at the Forward Command Headquarters… Continue Reading →

Where are the Peace Scholars?

Where are the Peace Scholars? When I asked myself that question I was surprised to discover that Rotary’s Peace Scholarship program only began in 2002. So in a way it is quite remarkable the extent to which Rotarians worldwide have… Continue Reading →

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