The Club Website and the Issue of an ‘Audience’

Before a club even begins to build a website they should ask themselves who they intend their audience to be and how they are going to reach out and grow that audience. In effect, they are discussing the purpose of… Continue Reading →

Four Rotary wishes for 2018

by John Borst, PP Rotary Club of Dryden, ON In 2018 may your: Membership increase; Members become even more engaged; Club become more vibrant and Communities reap the benefits of your desire to serve!

Rotary: Local community vs. World Community – Serve One; Serve the Other

K.R. Ravindran, President 2015-16 There is a story told in my Hindu tradition of two sages, Shaunaka and Abhipratari. They were worshippers of Prana, the wind god. One day, the two men were about to sit down to lunch when… Continue Reading →

Embracing the True Potential of Rotary

By Mara B. Huber, PhD, Past President Buffalo Sunrise Rotary Club I am not a joiner. On the contrary, I have gone to great lengths to avoid all groups with official names and rules. I have zero interest in badges… Continue Reading →

Ten Criteria for an Effective Rotary Club

By Rob Wood, Rotary Club of South San Francisco My top ten personal criteria for an effective Rotary club are: . One: The club impacts the local community in multiple, very visible and very personal ways, from the schools to… Continue Reading →

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