“Real Progress Requires Change, a Belief in the Real Magic of Possiblity”

This is a promotion on the Riconvention in Toronto but listen to its message on how you get transformation from Rotary and apply it to Rotary. Fascinating stuff indeed! On top of that, the production of the video with folded… Continue Reading →

7 Steps Rotary Can Take to Increase Diversity in its Leadership

Editor’s Note: The following is a fifth excerpt (with a slight reformatting) from the 2013 paper “Women Still a Challenge for Rotary” by 14 Rotarians, representing 12 zones, 14 Districts and 12 countries. To this end, we request Rotary International… Continue Reading →

Three Legislative Actions to Enhance the Likelihood of a Woman as President

Editor’s Note: The following is a fourth excerpt from the 2013 paper “Women Still a Challenge for Rotary” by 14 Rotarians, representing 11 zones, 14 Districts and 13 countries. Our desire is to enhance the opportunities for women to experience… Continue Reading →

What might a Rotary club look like in 2026?

By John Borst and Richard Bosworth With the new flexible membership and club meeting rules, approved at the 2016 Council on Legislation session, one has to wonder what a Rotary Club might look like 10 years from now. Already under… Continue Reading →

Report on Council on Legislation from District 5050 Representative

By Larry Jubie, COL Representative, District 5050 The Council on Legislation meets every three years to discuss and vote on proposed enactments and resolutions. These items are brought forth by Rotary Districts, Rotary Clubs and the RI Board of Directors…. Continue Reading →

Risking Obsolescence with Out a Story to Tell

by Ed Thompson, District Governor 5550 Why is it that superior technology does not always win out?  Why do some enterprises fare better than others?  Why do some charities become better funded and better known than others?   Is there a common… Continue Reading →

On Growing Young Again: the Price of Change

by Brian Hall Over the last several years, we as Rotarians have faced a call to recruit younger members.  We’ve all been encouraged to embrace social media and to reach out to find young people to fill our ranks.  As… Continue Reading →

New Generations can look at Rotary with new eyes

By Sakuji Tanaka, President, Rotary International Many of you know that we now have five Avenues of Service in Rotary. The fifth, and newest, is New Generations Service. There are many ways to serve through this avenue, and you will… Continue Reading →

What is Exchange ?

“What is exchange?” Editor’s Note: The following article was sent to me by the 2010-11 District 5550 exchange student Maela Cataldi of France. She was hosted by the Rotary Club of Dryden.  In her words it is a “wonderful description… Continue Reading →

Rotary’s Need to Take a Trip ‘Back to the Future’: Part 2, Removing Barriers

by John Borst Did you know that Rotary has had two presidents who have never been club president, district governor or a member of the board of directors before their year (s) as president? The first was Paul Harris in… Continue Reading →

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