Talk Like a Canadian – 50 terms unique to Canada

Canadians and Americans are more or less indistinguishable from one another until that is we start talking. Here is a short primer on how to figure out to which cousin you are talking. 1 Eh Pronounced ay -place at the… Continue Reading →

The Struggle for Peace: A Rotary Challenge

A Remembrance Day Memorial: Recalling the Rwanda Genocide of 1994 in Song “Kilgali” By John Borst, PP  Rotary Club of Dryden Today is Remembrance Day. In the US it is called Veteran’s Day. It is appropriate on such days to… Continue Reading →

Does the scourge of political correctness infect Rotary?

by John Borst, PP Rotary Club of Dryden, ON Recently, a number of articles have appeared in the popular press regarding the issue of political correctness within society and most specifically, in our educational institutions

Will this Canadian be Rotary’s First Woman President?

Rotary International is making slow progress towards the day when for the first time it will install a woman as president. There have now been 8 women as Directors on the RI Board. [Catherine Noyer-Riveau (08), Elizabeth S. Demaray (12),… Continue Reading →

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