by John Borst, Rotary Club of Dryden

I want to invite all those at the ClubRunner Users LinkedIn Discussion Group to register at the ClubRunner created and moderated ClubRunnerCommunity discussion portal. About a year ago I created something similar called Wethe4 Productions.  I was told, it inspired to be relaunched.

The URL is

In contrast to the LinkedIn group, which has seen no action for the past few years the CRC has become quite active. One of the great advantages is the participation of ClubRunner staff.

At present, 635 members have registered. They are predominately from the USA and Canada. The LinkedIn, ClubRunner Users Group, in contrast, has 525 members.

As you can see in this HOME page graphic, there are eight major discussion categories.

General support 11 53
Feedback and Suggestions 53 203
Best Practices and  Showcase 8 12
Website Customization 11 53
Membership Success Feedback 18 81
ClubRunner News & Announcements 27 81
Beta Tester Feedback 6 23
Off Topic 2 9

ClubRunner Community Promo 800px

I see no reason to continue the LinkedIn Users Group nor the Wethe4 Productions site. is where the action is.