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Quick Report on Polio Eradication

As of May 1, only 8 cases of polio caused by the WPV have been identified globally – 7 in conflict-ridden Afghanistan, 1 in Pakistan.  NID’s will be launched soon in Afghanistan with the intention of reaching 9.6 Million children under the age of 5.  The soldiers of eradication are committed to reaching every child in spite of the danger they may encounter.  Pakistan will shortly hold SNID’s to reach 20.9 Million children.  The battle on the ground continues as does the need for funding this war on the poliovirus.


Update on the Tattoo Challenge

To this end, District 5550 has overachieved the goal of C$75,000 set back in October.  As of April 30, contributions to PolioPlus by Rotary clubs and members is US$125,929.65 – well done!  The District also contributed $17,424 DDF which makes a GRAND TOTAL OF $143,354 and the Rotary year is not yet over. If your club or you have not yet made a donation to PolioPlus it is not too late.  I have attached the contribution form to make it easier for your club to make a contribution.

The Bribe

The tattoo has been done and can be viewed at District Conference!  Should anyone want to know the location and see the tattoo prior to that I am NOT above bribes. Just write the cheque and contact me!  This challenge has been fun; each child we save from polio will be forever grateful.

I wrote to Brenda and offered her the following bribe:

I have a proposal for a bribe to see and use your tattoo.

I will donate $50.00 CAD to get a picture of the tattoo and its location. This will give me permission to do a follow-up story on your new amounts and I will donate $1.00 for each time the photo is viewed to a maximum of $200.00 CAD.

It would also be of interest if you would like to pen a little piece on how you chose the design and include a picture of you getting tattooed.

Is it a deal?

Brenda wrote back:

It is a deal.

I am not very creative on the tattoo – I needed the Rotary logo so decided to add END POLIO NOW as a swoop below the logo.  When we eradicate polio, I could cross out NOW and add OF below the swoop!

Location, location, location? It had to be in good taste and easy to ‘unveil’, on lots of muscle (it hurts less I am told) and where it can be easily seen on a day to day basis.   I also went with small instead of huge.

Oh, where oh where is it?     No mystery now!

The Tattoo and Location

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