Canadians and Americans are more or less indistinguishable from one another until that is we start talking. Here is a short primer on how to figure out to which cousin you are talking.

1 eh-eh-100px1 Eh Pronounced ay -place at the end of a statement changing it into a question

It’s warm, eh!



Loonie Nickname for a $1.00 coin. Named after the loon on the coin.


Toonie Nickname for a $2.00 coin. Even though the $2.00 coin has a polar bear, we combined the “t” from two with the “oonie” from Loonie.
4 tfc-toque-100px1 Tuque/Toque A knitted head covering
5 washroom-100px Washroom Bathroom, restroom, toilet or comfort room
6 double-double-100px Double-Double A cup of coffee with two shots of cream and sugar.
7 two-four-100px Two-Four A case of two dozen beer.
8 may-24th-weekend-100px May 24th Weekend In Ontario Victoria day holiday; often called “fireworks day” by children; now an excuse for teens to have an outdoor drinking party.
9 molson-muscle-100px Molson Muscle A beer belly or paunch
10 napsack100px Napsack Backpack
11 chocolate-bar-100px Chocolate bar A candy bar
12 chinook-100px Chinook A warm front that comes from the west and rises over the mountains in Alberta.
13 Young woman holding Canadian flag About  American’s claim, we say aboot and they say abowt
14 chesterfield-100px Chesterfield A sofa
15 deke-100px Deke To fake a move to the right and go left – from hockey but applied to life
16 ketchup-100px Ketchup A condiment made of tomatoes and vinegar in the USA Catsup
17 dills-100px Dills A pickle
18 chips100px Chips French Fries as in fish and  chips
19 garborator100px Garburator A drain machine to chop up waste
20 till-100px Till A cash register
21 butter-tarts-100px Butter tart A tart made with brown sugar, corn syrup sometimes with raisins or pecans
22 sugar-pie-100px Sugar Pie A pie made with maple syrup, cream and an egg popular among Francophones.
23 poutine-100px Poutine A dish of fries with gravy and cheese curds.
24 soaker-100px Soaker To get my feet wet in my shoes/boots
25 giver-100px Giv’e’r To work hard as I’m going to give’r all I’ve got to get it going.
26 thongs-100px Thongs Flip flops
27 snowbirds-100px Snowbirds Canadians who go to Florida, Arizona or Mexico for the winter
28 headr-100px Head’r I’m leaving – going home- as in heading out
29 pogie-100px2 Pogie To be on unemployment insurance or social security
30 kerfuffle-100px Kefuffle A mix-up over assignments; a small scrap between two or more people
31 humidex-100px Humidex An index which combines the temperature and humidity
32 processed-cheese Processed Cheese America cheese slices
33 old-fort-100px Old Fort Aged cheese – “Fort” is strong in French as in aged or old cheese; read by Americans as Old Fort cheese
34 runners-100px Runners Sneakers
35 rubbers-200px Rubbers Waterproof boots vs condoms in the USA
36 eavestrough-100px Eavestroughs Rain gutter
37 bachlorette-100px Stag/Staggette A bachelor/bachelorette party
38 studious-400px Keener A  very studious student
39 all-dressing-100px All-dressed Flavoured potato chips now in US;
40 dinged100px Dinged To get hit slightly. As in “My car got dinged” – also to get charged a fine or unexpected charge “I got dinged for the tip.”
41 parkade-100px Parkade A building in which to park a car
42 parkette-100px Parkette A small corner park
43 turfed-100px Turfed  To be thrown out of a game or bar
44 homo-milk-100px Homo milk A short form of 2 or 3 1/2 % homogenised milk
45 hydro-100px Hydro A common name for electricity
46 joe-job-100px Joe job An easy low paying job anyone can do.
47 nanaimo-bars-100px Nanaimo bar A sweet chocolate square after the Vancouver Island city
48 905r-100px 905’r A short term for the cities surrounding Toronto drawn from their area code
49 hogtown-map-100px Hogtown A derogatory term for Toronto
50 down-south-100px Down South Refers to the USA