On March 22, 2018, Brenda Banbury the PolioPlus fundraiser for District 5550 gave the Clubs a challenge.  Brenda wrote:

B renda Banbury 250px“Millions of dollars are still required to wage war against polio.  And this is where you and your clubs can help.  April 30 is the deadline to make your contributions to meet the $75,000 goal – upon reaching this goal I will sacrifice some part of my anatomy to a tattoo.”

Today less than a month later, she wrote:

Brenda's Tattoo 250px

A suggestion

“What will the tattoo be and where will it go?

I am thrilled to announce that clubs and club members have surpassed the $75,000 fundraising goal for Polio for 2017-18.  Come to the District Conference in Regina on May 24 – 26 to hear the results and SEE the tattoo.  It is NOT too late to make further contributions to assist in the Rotary goal to eradicate polio in the world.

Thank you for your response to the Tattoo Challenge – it has been fun, we did reach our goal and D5550 will good on the statistical side.”

Brenda’s Update on the Status of Polio

To date, 8 cases of polio caused by the Wild Polio Virus have been identified.  1 in Pakistan, 7 in Afghanistan and 0 in Nigeria.  Pakistan has nine massive Polio Campaigns planned before May 2018 to reach between 10 and 37 million children in each campaign.  Great progress has been made in Pakistan – it could easily be the next country to eradicate polio.

The 7 cases in Afghanistan are all in a small area in the south-eastern region – access challenges are the key reason.  3 NID’s and six sub-NID’s are planned in 2018 to reach 16 million children.

The last 4 cases of polio in Nigeria were in August 2016 in the northeastern region – this is where Boko Haram is active.  In 2006 1143 cases of polio were identified in Nigeria – sometimes we need to look back to see how far we have come.