Finding a hotel in the Toronto area from June 23 to 25 2018 is at the stage where it requires one to think outside the box.

In December 2017, Toronto opened its latest subway extension. It now ends at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Subway Stop at 3150 Highway 7.

Trains leave every 5 minutes and take about 45 minutes to go to and from Union Station. That is how long it would take to drive your car.

There are six hotels all within walking distance if you consider 1.5 km (1 mile) or 20 minutes a walkable distance. Two of the hotels are less than 500 metres from the station.

In my opinion, this is a much better option than the hotels at Pearson Airport.

The Location & View of the Subway Entrance


The Hotels, Prices, & Distance to VMC TTC Subway


Note the distances in green are walking times. The white one is by car for comparison purposes only. The distance is only 1.1 km or 14 minutes.

The Subway Route: Vaughan Metropolitan Centre to Union Station

West side Line one 600px