Today, March 8th is International Women’s Day. Rotary International appears to be celebrating in two positive ways. Many Club’s are holding a breakfast to celebrate the event.


A Google/Bing search will reveal that such events are occurring across much of the World. Rotary International held it’s event in conjunction with the World Bank on March 7th.

Ri-My Rotary World Bank

Simultaneously, at Rotary is taking part in the #WomenInspire promotion.


So to celebrate, I am highlighting that one woman who all Rotarians, especially Women should honour. Namely, the ONE woman in THIS picture.

International Women's Day 2018

That woman is Dean Rohrs, a Canadian. She is my #WomenInspire. Make her yours too. Send a message via this social media platform or use Twitter to thank Dean. She is also our Vice-President.

Ironically, this picture came through as part of the ROTI Breadbasket posted to FaceBook yesterday,  March 6, 2018. Its timing could not have been worse or better depending on your viewpoint.

Read the comment from Laile E. Fairburn “One woman. Terrible” Says it all, especially considering where we have been since 2013.

2018 is the 30th anniversary of  Women in Rotary; WE ARE GOING BACKWARDS.

Check out is data from a 2015 report courtesy of a District:

Rotary Women % worldwide

top ten

Can-USA data

Going Backwards 600px

I hate to rain on the parade. However, there is no other conclusion but to state that Rotary is still practising systemic discrimination against women who seek to be president of the organisation.

Individual Rotarians do not want to be so accused but as long as the present process of nominations is in place, Rotary cannot and will not elect a woman as president. It is a mathematical impossibility.

The glass ceiling is simply too thick, too remote and impenetrable without a conscious decision to once-and-for-all do the honourable thing and for one year only accept nominations from one of the past women directors. It is time that we accept that this is even a form of sexual violence and that #Metoo has a place at this table among some men. We need a woman who when we write #WomenInspire we can say to our daughters and granddaughters, “You too can one day be president of Rotary International and find a woman’s portrait at the Evanston headquarters.” It is simply time to have a woman as a president.