In early February, I wrote, under the title Peace Building Reveals the ‘New’ Rotary about the Presidents’ first Peace Building Conference “Environmental Sustainability and Peace”. In it, I lauded the opening “protocol” by Councilor Morgan Guerin of the Musqueam First Nation and the opening plenary session by Dr David Suzuki.

This weekend both speeches have been posted by Chris Offer on the “Environmental Sustainability and Peace” Facebook page.

Councilor Morgan Guerin Musqueam Protocol

Councilor Guerin’s remarks are only 5 minutes long and can be viewed at 9 min. 30 seconds lasting until 14 min. 31 seconds.

Presidential Peacebuilding Conference 2018 Opening Ceremonies featuring Councilor Morgan Guerin of Musqueam First nation 9m30s to 14m 30s from Chris Offer on Vimeo.

Dr. David Suzuki – Opening Plenary Session

Dr. David Suzuki – Rotary Peacebuilding conference- Opening Plenary Session from Chris Offer on Vimeo.