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Interactive Enquiry #8

After polio what?

a) choose one area of focus and concentrate on it

b) do not replace polio, concentrate on all six areas of focus

c) choose another medical scourge to eradicate

d) write in your suggestion

Picture & Person a, b, or c d suggestion
 3ed46beRichard  Cunningham
  I would question whether there is another global cause that can bring us together in the same way that polio has. Priorities may vary as between say Africa and USA. For USA, health, particularly as it relates to ageing, will be a huge challenge for society over the decades ahead. It will invite many of us to revisit our core values and family life.
I think the areas of focus and volunteerism are where we should turn for inspiration.
Our vague “change” vision statement should be specific in incorporating these issues into our elevator messages.
For most of us the community things we do begin with local engagement. International engagement typically involves giving dollars in support of albeit worthy but distant causes.
Our Achilles heel is our lack of volunteers around imaginative and engaging local sweat equity projects and volunteerism around our areas of focus locally should be our most important priority
 Bill PhillipsBill Phillips
   I suggest a reintroduction of programs and grants that were eliminated under Future Vision. At the very least, funds which will no longer be directed to Polio should be returned to the districts in the form of DDF, and the districts should be allowed to return these to the clubs in the form of expanded District Grants. Let’s put Club Level Rotarians back into the international and community service loop.
 2fb09bc Herve Lawin
   I think Air pollution and its effect on Health can bring all the Rotarian together for the next decades. This issue is now a public priority and is affecting people worldwide, poor and rich! It is also related To the 6 focus areas of our organisation. By acting on air pollution we can tackle all the focus areas.
 Vivian Haine
   Let’s choose positive health and focus on more prevention! Start with the children!
37eef96 Ken McEntee
   Human Trafficking
15027830_1160793267342874_3119733710313206760_n Alagie Salieu Nankey
please, my dear heroes, come and eradicate MALARIA
 25446074_1873499006011014_4664280961572159690_n-1 Mark Huddleson
Forget “after polio”. Concentrate on polio! We mustn’t take our eyes off the target.
   I’d love to see Alzheimer’s be the focus but I understand that may not carry the same broad appeal as polio.
 0222d1f Himansu Basu
  I would support (d)— first, do not dismantle Post Polio Legacy framework of partnership, community outreach and advocacy
experience. Rotary support should be limited to a country or zone, limited to one area of focus deemed to be the priority; as long as it is not an infectious disease, the programme area of focus can be different in different countries and zones. Partnership and risk assessment are essential prerequisites.
    I suggest WASH in Schools to replace the Polio as the signature project of Rotary. Currently, it has been launched as a pilot in five countries namely Kenya, India, Honduras, Belize and Guatemala. WinS touches almost all areas of focus.
  1.Cancer screening
2.Water conservation & Harvesting