Historian Peter H Russell, in his just-released book Canada’s Odyssey: A Country Base on Incomplete Conquests address a peculiarity of Canada’s development into a Nation. Nowhere is this truer than in our relations with our Indigenous populations where the signing of treaties between Nations was the norm.

As we came to dominate, we ignored the treaties and tried to eradicate their culture with such inadvisable activities as residential schools. The ethos today is to attempt to bring a better balance to an understanding of our relationship with our Indigenous population.

Today the Rotary Club of Toronto begin each meeting with this acknowledgement:

Development of the Indigenous Acknowledgment by Yurga, Emre (MOHLTC)Chair of the Clubs’ Indigenous Liaison Committee

I used the University of Toronto’s message as a base. They developed the statement in consultation with First Nations House and its Elders Circle, some scholars in the field, and senior University officials. I also used some of the United Church material as well as Kairos. I also used Toronto School Board and amalgamated. Our meeting place is very close to these places. If we have a different meeting place, I do in tenant search and calibrate it that way.

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