Number 5 in a series of 5

In the post titled “PATHways to RiConvention 2018: Union Subway Station to Air Canada Centre” I used the York Concourse route to guide you through Union Station, Toronto’s train station to get you from the Union Station Subway Platform to the Air Canada Centre, home of the Rico Opening and Closing ceremonies plus the daily plenary sessions.

It was not until the second walkthrough that I discovered the VIA Concourse. The VIA Concourse is an alternative route through Union Station. VIA is Canada’s National Passenger Rail service.

Both routes have their pluses and minuses. This will be the topic of a future post. Video time 4 m 43 s.

Transcript of the Video’s Dialogue

Today we are going to take a more direct route from the Union Station Subway platform to the Air Canada Centre. We will use the VIA Concourse.

This chart shows you the original route through the York Concourse. For a more detailed description of the York, Concourse route see the PowerPoint in the text accompanying this video.

This comparison shows that the beginning and end of each route covers the same ground.  Each route begins in the same corridor. However,  you cut to left earlier, for the VIA concourse.  The VIA route has a wide concourse and a narrow corridor. The corridor is the shortest route but sometimes has people boarding trains backed-up in it.

Let’s start by leaving Union Station Subway through the turnstiles. We turn to the right and go down a corridor to a set of the four doors on our left. We have to cross from the subway to Union Station.Going through the doors brings us outside and into construction. We can choose the doors directly in front of us, or we can turn right and use the ramp and enter there. If stairs are a challenge, go to the right.

Whichever way you enter Union Station you will go through construction.

As the construct becomes less noticeable and the corridor opens up begin to angle to the left. Look for the opening on the right-hand side.  Here you will find a short corridor. At the end of this corridor turn left.  As chance has it, we can see a group of people in the distance lined up to board a train. About halfway down this corridor is an opening on the left where we can re-enter the VIA Concourse.  It is about10 meters distance. Once inside the concourse turn right and go to the next exit a distance of about 75m.

Again exit the VIA Concourse on the right side. Turn right again and only go about 5 meters and you will see the signs for the Air Canada Centre and Tracks 24-27. Let’s take another look at the corridor and see if it has cleared yet.

At this point, we rejoin the folks who used the York Concourse. We now enter a much narrower corridor which winds its way to the Air Canada Centre.

We are now in the Union Station Plaza foyer, and the doors to the ACC are on the left.