America’s Failure to Protect Its Children from School Shootings Is a National Disgrace

John Cassidy The New Yorker

On gun violence, we are a failed state

E. J. Dionne Jr. The Washington Post

An Armed Principal Detained a Campus Gunman. But He’s Against Arming School Staff.

Agree or Disagree

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When is enough enough? How many more children have to die in a school before adults in America say “I do not want one more child shot in a school!”

If it is too political for the organisation of Rotary to make a statement then why can’t individuals Rotarians rouse themselves enough to cry out “I want laws to protect our children from gun violence in schools.”

What is preventing individual Rotarians, men and women, from screaming and protesting and writing letters, sending emails, and talking, talking and talking some more? Cannot every American Rotarian stand up and say enough is enough. There is a time to be angry. The time is now!

Where are all the senior Rotarians who remember when schools were safe places? Who among you remembers when school doors were open all day to the public? Who among you remembers when video cameras did not patrol doorways and halls?

Who among you remembers when the Second Amendment didn’t mean the right to kill children en masse as it does today?

Who among you remembers when the National Rifle Association was a responsible organisation interested in training people in the wise and safe use of firearms instead of a lobby group which accepts the “ongoing deaths of hundreds of children as the price that they are prepared to pay for the fetishisation of weapons.”

Rotarian Seniors, need to join the students in their protest this coming week and hopefully in the weeks to come.

America has a president who likes to wear a hat with the motto “Make America Great Again.” Once upon a time, American legislators made laws to ensure the nation’s children got a quality education in a safe environment. That is because there was a time when adults felt a moral obligation to raise literate children. America will never be “great again” if it cannot muster forth the moral courage to demand laws which will curb guns like the sale of all AR-15s, the weapon of choice to kill children.

Where is the moral courage to stand up to the NRA and a neighbour who is a member? Where is the moral outrage to protest legislators who do nothing to protect children while the NRA spouts nonsense and puts the welfare of children second to the ignominious impulse to possess an assault rifle?

As it stands now, the vast majority of Americans are saying our guns come before our children. I can’t imagine any parent believes that. But actions speak louder than words. And by your actions, you are known. The rest of the World looks on in disgust and amazement and wonders whatever happened to the moral imperative to be responsible citizens supporting one another and keeping each other safe from harm?

Like it or not that is what the Rest of the World sees each time a mass execution of innocent children occurs. We gasp with horror when American politicians spout prayerful platitudes and do nothing to curb the violence.

We cringe in disbelief when we realise that laws exist to ban the sale of lawn darts and Kinder eggs yet permit the sale of assault rifles. We wonder can a whole nation be insane?

Fortunately, we know that is not true. We know it is your politics. We know it is the laws which permit lobby groups like the NRA to fund politicians. And we know it is your fear of the NRA and the militias.

What we do not know nor comprehend is how as adults you cannot create laws to ban guns made for no other purpose than killing other humans including children?

If nothing else at least make it a political issue in 2018 and vote for candidates who will be courageous enough to ban the AR-15.