Please note: this list is not complete, and titles are likely to change.

The following list is preliminary and is downloadable HERE

Developing Leadership

 2019 Council on Legislation

 Best Practices in Multi-Year District Planning

 Build Your Legacy Now and Forever through Rotary’s Endowment

 Forum for 2019-20 District Governors and Club Presidents

 How Rotarians Can Support Peace Through Social Enterprise

 Indigenous Leaders – Success in Action

 Learning in a Digital World: E-learning Solutions

 Making a Difference by Improving Mental Health in and Out of the Workplace

 Making the Most from Changes in Rotary

 Peace Begins at Home and Doesn’t End There – Handling Club Conflict

 Preparing for Transition to a Past District Governor

 President-elect: Leading Your Club to Greatness

 Produce Better Outcomes with Well Designed Collaborations

 Status Report on Website Updates

 The Journey from District Trainer to Director of Training

 Unconscious Bias: From Awareness to Action


Engaging Young Leaders

 Developing Future Rotarians with Rotary Youth Exchange

 Do’s and Don’ts to Make Alumni Members

 Engaging the Millennial Generation of Rotary Through Rotaract

 Engaging the New Generation of Rotary

 Engaging Young Professionals

 GSE Reinvented: Craft Your District’s Global Exchange

 Involving Alumni in Rotary Projects

 Rotaract: Rotary’s Bridge to Millennials

 Rotary’s Programs for Young Leaders – Get Started!

 The Role of Youth in Peaceful Co-existence


Promoting Rotary

 10 Free Tools to Boost Your Social Media Reach

 Best Practices to Increase Fundraising for Polio

 Eight Areas of Opportunity to Increase Club Membership

 Getting Your Story Covered in the News

 Inspire with Images: Telling Rotary’s Story with Photographs

 Major Gifts, Major Impact

 Planning your People of Action Campaign

 Save it Before it’s History: Our Legacy as People of Action

 Using PowerPoint and Keynote to Deliver Exceptional Presentations

 Welcome to Facebook Advertising


Strengthening Membership

 10 Tips for Boosting Communication

 Assessing Community Needs When Chartering a New Club

 Best Practices for E-Clubs

 Communicating the Value of Our Club Experience

 Data Privacy and Data Protection: Rotary’s Compliance with GDPR

 Dues – The Value We Receive as Rotarians

 End Polio Now: Fundraising Toward the Finish

 Fellowships – the Hidden Gem of Rotary

 Insights and Results from Recent Rotary Research

 Life 3.0: Protirement NOT Retirement

 Membership Models for the Future of Rotary

 Simply Irresistible – A Contemporary Approach to Membership

 The Future of Rotary

 Understanding & Analyzing “Doing Good in the World”

 Welcoming LGBTQ Family and Friends into Rotary


Service and Projects

 A Global Grant Model for Addiction Prevention

 Achieving Lasting Impact from Rotary WASH Projects

 Adolescent Pregnancies, Population Growth, and Family Planning

 Advocacy beyond Polio: Water and Sanitation and the RI-USAID Partnership

 An Introduction to Rotary Community Corps (RCCs)

 Brain Power for Peace: Building Global Relations through Neuroplasticity

 Changing Trends in Volunteering

 Checkup Earth: Global Symptoms – Local Responses

 Community Wellbeing: the UN Sustainable Development Goals

 Corporate Social Responsibility and its Impact on Fund Development

 Do Your Homework: Community Assessment Scores an A+ Project

 From Polio Survivor to PolioPlus Advocate

 Fun & Value with Rotary Friendship Exchange

 Global Grants 101

 Guatemala Literacy Project: A Successful 20 Year Partnership

 Hard-won Partnerships: Best Practices from the Field

 Health Projects – Tips for Success from Rotarian Doctors

 How to Build Sustainable Communities Through Microfinance

 How to Conduct a Community Assessment

 Improving Access to Healthcare for Impoverished Communities

 Increasing Your Capacity for Peacebuilding

 Luis Giay’s Vision Realized: PACT Urban Peace Program

 Making a Difference by Working Together!

 Money and Food DO Grow on Trees

 Organizing a Global Grant VTT Maternal Mortality Education Program

 Pathways to Peace: Rotary-Institute for Economics & Peace

 Peace Fellows and Entrepreneurship

 Planning for Success and Environmental Sustainability

 Preparing Your District (Disaster Committees)

 Promoting Multiple Health Messages Drives Membership

 Rotarians Combating Human Trafficking and Slavery

 Rotary Peace Fellows: Who are they? What do they do?

 Safe Water, a Basic Human Right

 ShelterBox and Rotary; the Impact of our Partnership

 Tap into Expertise for Greater Impact

 The Matching Grants Website

 The Power of Asking: Setting the Rotary Network in Motion

 The Role of Women in Global Polio Eradication Efforts

 The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers

 WASH in School Target Challenge-Sharing Success, Overcoming Obstacles, Finding Partners