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Please write a comment on the social media platform where you read this. I will then gather the responses into this post to build a story on Rotary Club’s most successful fundraising events as measured in dollars earned.

This week’s “Interactive” is a little different. Instead of answering a question, it is asking you to create what I will call a “marketing poem.”

I discovered it on the back of a magazine in an ad for an IKEA product.

IKEA 2 way marketing poem

So I tried my hand at writing a “marketing poem” promoting Rotary:

Two Way Rotary Marketing Poem-sample 350px

The goal is to create a message read vertically, and a separate longer message read horizontally.

Okay, now it is your turn.

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Interactive Enquiry #6

Challenge yourself: create a two directional, double message marketing poem about Rotary?

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