Number 3 in a series of 5

At the conclusion of each day, many Rotarians are likely to take the TTC subway system back to a hotel. To facilitate this transition, I have created a video of the North PATH from the North Convention building to the Union Station Subway stop.

The first portion of the video through the two MTCC venues is done with pictures while the actual route through the Northside PATH occurs in real time video.

I estimate the real walking time from the foyer of the North Building to the TTC subway is 19 minutes, 6 minutes inside the MTCC complex and 13 minutes in the PATH Walkway, Union Station Complex and TTC subway. Front Street is likely faster if the weather is nice.

You will notice I have added a fifth item to the series. I was going to put the alternative route from the Subway to the Air Canada Centre through Union Station on this video but decided to make it a separate video.