Second in a series of five

RiConvention 2018 begins each day with a session in the Air Canada Centre (ACC). There are four options to walk from there to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) where The House of Friendship and breakout sessions take place.

The MTCC has two components:

  1. The North Complex entered from Front Street and
  2. The South Complex entered from Bremner Blvd or Simcoe Street.

On sunny days the shortest route is to use the street. There are two choices.

  1. Exit on to Bay Street and walk North to Front Street, turn left and walk west to the North Complex East end doors
  2. Exit the ACC to Union Plaza/Maple Leaf Square and walk west on Bremner Blvd to either the South venue of the MTCC after which if going to the North venue you will have to take an elevator or escalator to the top floor and then walk through the Skywalk to the North venue. Alternatively, you can walk north on Simcoe street to Front street, turn left and walk to the North complex main doors

On rainy days or very hot days, you may want to use the PATH system. Some of the PATH is underground or “below grade”. Some are at street level or “at grade”, and some are elevated walkways or “above grade”.

There are two PATH Routes:

  1. The Northside PATH which parallel’s Front Street on the north side of the railway tracks;
  2. The Southside PATH which parallel’s Bremner Blvd. on the south side of the railway tracks.

Both PATHs join and enter the South Complex only. When you enter, you will go up a flight of escalators or elevator and once again cross the railway tracks to the North Complex.

You are now ready to take a virtual walkthrough of the Southside PATH in real time * from the Air Canada Centre to the North complex of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Watch for the following presentations:

#4 – The Pro’s and Con’s of the Walking Routes

#3 – The North PATH from the MTCC to the ACC

#1 – PATHways to RiConcention 2018: Union Subway Station to Air Canada Centre

  • Real-time is 18 minutes. Promotional brochures are stating 10 minutes. Ten minutes is door to door but does not allow for time inside the building to descend from the top floor to the main or below grade floors nor to find a specific break out room.