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Interactive Enquiry #3

What is your number one reason for joining Rotary?

 Manon Mitchell 300px.jpg  Manon Mitchell, Making a difference in the world
 Bill Phillips  Bill Phillips, I joined Rotary to become a part of the local community to which I had just relocated. I stayed because of the people I met and the opportunities I found to serve others.
 Cindy Bezant-Titus  Cindy Bezant-Titus, Connections to learn and serve on an international level.
 Biam Wisdom 300px  Biam Wisdom, Humanity. Love
Sheikh Naseem  Sheikh Naseem, to serve and to show how to serve and to buildup serving
Olli Malinen  Olli Malinen, Old mates who happened to be Rotarians. I was a president of two other societies at that time.
Don Higgins  Don Higgins, Service and fellowship.
Cassandra Tomas  Cassandra Tomas, Doing good without expectation of gain… with a group of people who are doing the same
AAEAAQAAAAAAAAZqAAAAJDg2ZGUyYzAzLTQwM2EtNGFiMC1hMzAwLWFiNDIyNTk1ZjUzZQ  Daniela Lippolis Service. It’s definitely a chance to make our world better and to join a group that has learned by past experience, that works today to develop a future the best We can.
AAEAAQAAAAAAAARpAAAAJDRjYjM0NzJhLTdkNmQtNDAzMy04NzU1LWU4ZmU4NTlhZDdjMA  John Shulan, R.J. Community service. Rotary allows people to achieve the greater good and leverages individuals and small groups and empowers them.
123a5f3  Dr. Laura Neal My number one reason for joining Rotary was to give back after my Youth Exchange and Ambassadorial Scholarship experiences. 
AAEAAQAAAAAAAAeKAAAAJDgwZjYxNjkyLWRkOWUtNGVjZC1iYmQ2LTEyMzVjNGM1OGZkNg  Maria Foley I joined to make friends with others who also enjoyed volunteering in the community.
AAIAAQDGAAwAAQAAAAAAAAwnAAAAJDc4NzEyMzkxLTE4M2EtNGNmNS1hZDcxLWIzMzdlODhjMjdkNQ  Cordell Taylor As said in spanish “haz bien y no miras a quien” hope I got it right:-):-)
1f1dba4  Douglas Smith Family tradition initially…THE local service group to join.. 34 years of perfect attendance later I’m still enjoying the fellowship, service projects and younger Rotarians give me hope for the future..if you give energy to Rotary it is replenished many fold. Dr Doug Smith
281365b  Dr. Reha AKIN Exchanging ideas and taking action!
37a4a54  S. David Drewelow Relationships with other professionals and the leverage of a global organization helping others.
AAEAAQAAAAAAAAkpAAAAJDUxMWIyMTMxLTYxMGYtNDQzNy1hMGI1LWFiMDNiMjk2MjZkNw  Lee Freeman, Jr., B.Pharm(Hons.), PharmD. I thought it was a great way to give back!
AAEAAQAAAAAAAAvNAAAAJGMwNzM5NjRiLTRiMTUtNDc4ZS05OTgzLWNlNTMzMGE2ZjkwNA  Sabra Veronesi To give back ( my expertise, experience and my time) because life has treated me well & I was lucky to have been born and raised in 2 of the most beautiful countries on the planet. I would not join simply to hand over money and that is what I believe ( as a life member of the Hills Rotary Club in Australia) is what turns a lot of younger people off Rotary.
016737a  Pablo Castro No wonder I do not participate more in these discussions. You guys must be thinking that you are doing something wonderful by not telling the truth and nothing, but the truth. Most people joined because they thought it would be good for business and to meet people good for…business. Later on, they found that it feels good to help others and they liked it. Sincerely….Pablo
17cd12d  Sherri Crouse I am proud to tell people I’m a Rotarian. Whatever city I am in for the week I try to make the meeting. Each club has the kind of people I want to know and be associated with… Service above yourself. My home club has my best friends but I make friends wherever I go and visit
AAEAAQAAAAAAAAfaAAAAJDNkZDg0MzVjLWFiNWYtNGY3YS04MzRiLTE0YTM2MjFjY2M4Mg  Raymond Metz Joining a professional and social network Being useful to society and to make friends A network with high ethical standards, non-political and non-confessional people.
Andre' Layral  Andre’ Layral, In 1992 it was to meet community leaders and give back to the community. Now it is to serve my club and our Rotary District, and share ideas, take action and make an impact serving others.
NPA  Frank Hebb Worked in the Non-Profit field all my working life. Felt need to continue serving my community.
AAEAAQAAAAAAAASRAAAAJDIyMDBjZjJhLTZjZTMtNGExMy05MjA1LTM2NGEzMmQ1ZjhmMQ  Donna Mae Cangiano The opportunity to do community service and give back. Having been very active in PTA etc. I missed my volunteer work and Rotary has filled that void.
Dennis Wong  Dennis Wong, Make Rotary Great Again.
Matts Engemanson 250px  Matts Ingmanson, Service Above Self and 1.2 million friends!
AAEAAQAAAAAAAAIaAAAAJDc0NGQwNGU5LTE2NzMtNDk5NS04ZWZkLTViNTMzYmZmMGJiYw  Susan Ness Finding like-minded people who want to be part of a team that has fun while helping locally and globally. I tell my friends that “Rotary is like Scouts for Grownups”. I love both Rotary and Scouts!
AAEAAQAAAAAAAAP8AAAAJGI4YWZkOTRiLTdlY2QtNDI0Ni1hN2UyLWIyNGVmNWQwZmJlNg  Sandra Parnell My main reason is that I feel that rotary can change people’s lives and is making a difference in peoples lives now
AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMjAAAAJDBmMmVhYTkzLWIzNjUtNGMxYi1iYTIyLWIyMmI5Y2U3Njk3NQ  Jenny Hinsman Service Above Self. Rotarians are the best people on this planet.
2352d35  Debbie Kenyon-Jackson To work with others to make a difference.


3786061  Ron Stark People join for a whole raft of personal reasons, without necessarily understanding what they’re getting into. With luck they evolve into what we understand to be “a Rotarian”. A far more pertinent, and telling question would be “What is your number one reason for leaving Rotary?”
AAMAAgDGAAwAAQAAAAAAABIoAAAAJDk0Y2Y5MGJhLWM1Y2YtNDJiNy05NTBhLWIzZmEwZDAyNzUyMQ  François-Cedry BIDI For me, to live without humanitarian acts, it is to live a hell of a life on earth. Through the eradication of polio, I know that Rotary is the venue where people can express his humanity. This is why I am searching since 2016 a Rotaract club or a rotary club in the country where I am, in order to still express my humanity.

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