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Interactive Enquiry #2

Who is your most admired Rotarian, and why?

 Nick Phillips

In my Rotary career since 1977 two people have had a significant impact on my life who I would regard as my Rotary role models. The first is PRIP Bhichai Rattakul 2000/2001 who made a huge impression on me with his quiet dedication and humility and the second is the late RIPE Sam Owori who was an African leader and mentor for many years. In hindsight, although both these men come from hugely different backgrounds, The common denominator for me is that they both embodied an unwavering belief in the fundamental tenets of Rotary, they rose to greatness without ever losing the common touch and they loved and cared for their fellows with unwavering passion.

 Dennis Wong Dennis Wong MY most admired Rotarian — Cliff Dochterman

WHY. His words and actions continue to be relevant and timely.
Recently, he spoke at our E-Club of World Peace.

 George Nixon Kingsley  George Nixon Kingsley This question is Great, but Every Rotarians are a perfect example of GOODNESS.so my answer is all ROTARIAN ARE MINE ADMIRE ROTARIAN.
 Stephen  Stephen Gilligan Sir Clem Renouf. Visionary
 karen  Carin Smalley, MSHR, PHR Bob Hobbs – Merced Sunrise Rotary – I had the pleasure of being in the club with Bob for ten years. Bob had a generous heart for those around him. He was generous with his resources and lived out Rotary’s value of ‘service above self’ daily. Bob was club president and was eventually a District Governor. Bob lost his battle with cancer a couple of years ago and he is forever in my heart as one of the best!
 Cheryl Leukefeld 300x300  Cheryl Leukefeld – My most admired Rotarian is Susanne Rae, from Cairns, NSW, she walks the walk as well as talks the talk …she has used her own money to travel the world and speak on Polio Eradication and vaccinates the children, she is a wonderful Friend and a marvellous Rotarian !!
 Melissa Webb Earnest  Melissa Webb Earnest – I have many admired Rotarians in my circle since I joined in 2008. But three, at this point, stand out to me. One is Michael Angelo Caruso. I have heard him speak on several occasions and follow his Facebook posts. He is a very successful businessman but he is willing to share his knowledge and help anyone who asks. He consistently helps Rotary Clubs, even those outside his own area and district, many times giving his services for free. He is extremely inspirational and what he says sticks with me. The second is Michael J Kull. He is a past district governor and I cannot say enough about his enthusiasm and energy for Rotary! He is willing to answer even the most basic question and never makes you feel inadequate or that you lack ability. He is encouraging and always ready to “like” your club’s posts on Facebook and write a positive comment. My last is Allan Francis. I met him at a conference and talk about inspirational and encouraging! He is on fire for Rotary and for everything else in his life. He is a veteran and continues to serve his country in many ways. I wished we lived closer to each other, as I would love to have him as a life and physical fitness coach. Although I have many others, including local club members, who I admire, these three stood out in my mind immediately after reading this question. I thank all three for the role they have played in my Rotary experience as well as in my life.