By John Borst PP Rotary Club of Dryden, ON

LCBO200px#1 LCBO -stands for Liquor Control Board of Ontario – it has exclusive control over Alcohol sales in Ontario. It is also just called The Liquor Store. Store locator:

box_aboutvintages 200px#2 Vintages – a store within the LCBO. It is where you find the better and most expensive “rare” wines and high-end spirits.

Beer Store 200px#3 The Beer Store – Although beer is sold at LCBOs a “Two-Four” i.e. case of 24 or a “12 pack” can only be purchased at The Beer Store.

PATH 200x100#4 PATH – is a system of mostly enclosed walkways. The PATH – is over 30 kilometres in length and contains over 1300 stores, 7 hotels, and 6 subway stations. Each workday over 250,000 workers in the city core uses the PATH system to get around the downtown core without ever stepping outside. It is the best way to walk between the Toronto Convention Centre (House of Friendship/Break-out Sessions) and the Air Canada Centre (Opening & closing ceremonies and plenary sessions) To download a map visit

TTC 200x133#5 TTC – stands for Toronto Transit Commission and is the public transit system of Subways, Streetcars and buses plus WheelTrans for the handicapped. I recommend getting an App. to help you navigate.

ACC200#6 ACC – Air Canada Centre where our Opening and Closing ceremonies plus the daily plenary sessions take place.

AGO-200px#7 AGOArt Gallery of Ontario

don-valley-parkway-7#8 DVP – Don Valley Parkway – a road on the east side of Toronto running from the Gardiner Expressway north to the 401. The DVP becomes Hwy 404 North of the 401. East and West Toronto is divided by Yonge Street.

Ex 200#9 The EX – Short for The Exhibition which is short for The Canadian National Exhibition or the CNE. Important because ROTARYFEST will be held at “Exhibition Place” on the Grounds of the EX. It is also the location of BMO Field, the stadium of the Toronto FC Football (Soccer) team.

nowbestofto2011-200px#10 T.O. pronounced Tee Oh a short form of Toronto.