January 04, 2018

Please write a comment on the social media platform where you read this. I will then gather the responses into this post to build a story of all the goals Rotarians hope to accomplish this year. Feel free to ask questions of a fellow Rotarian if you feel you need more information to understand what the Rotarian is trying to accomplish.

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Interactive Enquiry #1

John Borst 50x67  John’s question

What is your #1 goal for involvement with Rotary in 2018?

Ed Thompson 200px I would like to get 5 new Rotarians to join a Rotary Club.
Jon Borst 150px I would like to do a break-out session at the Rotary Convention in Toronto titled The Do’s and Don’ts when Blogging about Rotary
Matts Ingemanson 200px Peace

Dennis Wong 200px

Jon Borst 150px

Establishing a Culture of Peace … a set of values, attitudes, modes of behaviour and ways of life that reject violence and prevent conflicts by tackling the root causes to solve problems through discussion and negotiation among individuals, groups and nations.

Matts and Dennis: what do you hope to do specifically to advance your goals?

 Kathy Lockhart I would like to build a Rotary pavilion at the county fairgrounds.
 Deograsias Wegina 150px  Assisting in changing lives of women and people with albinism