By John Borst PP Rotary Club of Dryden, ON

In my previous post, I suggest that “It should be possible to create an ‘engagement index’ which like attendance a member can self-track.”

Most clubs in my District use the ClubRunner CMS with its secure private area to manage the club. There each member has a personal profile. One of the components of that profile is “Commitment”. Few if any members ever write in this section.

I would suggest that ClubRunner change this category to My Action Tracker or some such phrase.

There are some obvious large ACTIVITY categories wherein Rotarians are engaged:

  • Fellowship
  • Fundraising
  • Community
  • Club management
  • Youth
  • Giving
  • District
  • Rotary Zone or International

One would then track items such as Event, Task, Time on Event, and Time on Task as a measure of engagement. For each minute on task or event in attendance, one would score 1 point. However, because GIVING takes little time but is a high indicator of engagement I would assign the points for the dollars given rather than the time on task.

For example, a portion of a monthly matrix might look like this for a Dryden Rotarian who has responsibility for the “Youth” portfolio:

Event Task Time on Event Time on Task Points
Lunch Mtg 2017-11-04 Introduce speaker 1 hr. 10 min 3 min. 73
Rotary Mudmen Concert Attend 2 hr   120
Lunch Mtg 2017-11-11 Attend 1hr. 20 min.   80
Event Task Time on Event Time on Task Points
Rotary Radio Bingo 2017-11-07 Work a phone 1 hr. 1 hr 120
Rotary Radio Bingo 2017-11-08 Delivery & Pick-up cards at Vermillion Bay   1 hr. 30 min 90
Event Task Time on Event Time on Task Points
Meeting of Dryden Rotary Foundation Board of Directors Host meeting, provide refreshments 2 hrs. 45 min. 165
Meet with the chair of Soccer Association re:

Club House Project in Rotary Park

Prepare brief report for

Club Board of Directors

55 min. 20 min. 75
Event Task Time on Event Time on Task Points
Monthy Board of Directors Mtg. Give Youth Services Report 1 hr. 32 min. 14 min. 106
  Give verbal report on mtg with Soccer chair   20 min 20
Event Task Time on Event Time on Task Points
Youth Service chair Search for 1 additional Youth Exchange host 2017-11 -15   20 min 20
Youth Service chair Search for 1 additional Youth Exchange host 2017-11 -16   20 min 20
Youth Service chair Arranged transportation to RLYA   10 min. 10
Event Task Time on Event Dollars Given Points
Member of Paul Harris Fellowship 2016-2020


Wrote cheque to treasurer for $200 2017-11 28   $200.00 200
EREY monthly donation Automatic bank transfer   $10.00 10
Event Task Time on Event Time on Task Points
  Phoned Dist. RYLA Chair Re: RYLA event   10 min. 10
  Posted video from RLYA weekend at District 5550 FaceBook page   7 min 7
  Posted video from RLYA weekend at Zone 24-32 FaceBook page   6 min. 6


Perhaps CR could create the My Action Tracker (MAT) in such as way as to automatically aggregate the total points by category and the total accumulated monthly and throughout the year. Each Rotarian could then be assigned a percentile ranking. It is important to know that for a percentile calculation, the score is not important but how many people are below that score is important.

For example, if 4000 Rotarians tracked their MAT points on their profile ClubRunner could use the following formula to determine a percentile rank.

Percentile = ((B+0.5.S).100)/N

Where ,

B= Number of Rotarians whose score is below yours
S= Numbers of Rotarians having the same score.
N=Total no. of Rotarians in the batch

So let’s say a Rotarian got a percentile rank of 90.2, and there were 4000 Rotarians who took part (the batch) then using the formula

Rank = (100 – P).N/100 the rank of the Rotarian would be

Rank= (100-90.2)*4000/100=392th

It also means (4000-392) there are 3608 Rotarians who had lower points than her.

Such a system would certainly give a Rotarian and club leadership a sense of each members engagement quotient.

It would also reveal the high emotional commitment of a Rotarian who uses his discretionary time to share his thinking on Rotary in blogs, at LinkedIn or Rotary’s groups at My Rotary.

Such a system would also address the gap which currently exists between RI’s staff concerns and the real world of Rotary volunteer engagement in the data generated at My Rotary.