By John Borst, Past President Rotary Club of Dryden

Sweet lechery is the title of Canadian intellectual, Jeet Heer’s latest book. According to reviewer Michael Hingston, Heer drew the title from a line in the works of American author, art and literary critic, and illustrator, Guy Davenport.

Lechery, of course, is an “unrestrained or excessive indulgence of sexual desire”. Indeed, many Rotarians do have a very deep love for Rotary because of what it stands for and accomplishes. What many often lack, however, is the ‘inquiring mind’. Inquiring minds tend to ask tough questions, many of which can challenge the status quo or reveal the hypocrisy, contradictions or inconsistencies within an organization. Instead of seeing the sweetness of desire to heal the organ, larceny is often perceived instead.

Actually, Rotary needs the larcenous ideas from sweet lecherous not so foolish members with inquiring minds. Bloggers like Rethinking Rotary’s Ken Jaskot, the Rotarian Economist, Quentin Wodon and Jim Henry at Retention Central are good examples. Writing well is not an easy task. It can take 10 to 12 hours just to write 1000 words. You know before you start many are going to take offence at what you write. You must have a thick skin and expect nasty personal attacks. Even vindictive ones.

It is therefore with great sadness and regrets that I have discovered that the UK’s Rotary Blogger has stopped writing posts.  The last post is dated June 30, 2017, and titled “…and that’s all folks”. It should be mandatory reading for all leaders and those aspiring to leadership positions at any level, club, district, zone or International.

I have great empathy for his decision and his reasons. When he exclaims,

Who was I to do this? Well, nobody really – I was just a Regular Rot who had a passion for the organisation and wanted to see it move into the new century,…


I get it.

Rotary Blogger, you are not a “Regular Rot”. You are 1 in 100,000. Maybe even 1 in 200,000. Too many Rotarians fail to see what ails us or do not have the passion to buck the system in order to rescue the system from itself.

Your passion reeked of “unrestrained or excessive indulgence” of a love for Rotary and what it is trying to do. Thank you for sharing an “inquiring mind.”