by John Borst, PP Rotary Club of Dryden

The Rotary Club of Dryden, Ontario, Canada has been close to achieving an equal number of men and women Rotarians ever since I joined in December of 2009.

First, let may say our club has had, since my initiation, the most female members of any club in District 5550 and still does. Our current membership sits at 54. We have been as high as 59 but have never made 60.

Today, I did a count to see how close we were to gender parity because I noticed a new member and I have been away from the club since October of 2016.

welcome-new-rotary-members-232-pxBut it was not to be. The number is 28 males and 26 females.  (51.85% vs. 48.15%)

I really thought we might be there, and when we weren’t I went looking for how the club has changed in those 6 years.

Thirty-one of our 54 members belonged to the Club when I joined in 2009, that’s 57.4% of our current total. Of those 17 were male and 14 female.

We currently have, not counting me, 22 members who have joined Rotary in 2010 or later. Of those 12 are female and 10 are male.

So what conclusion can we draw from this data? It would appear that once a club reaches gender parity, they are likely to recruit at or near parity in the future.

The odds are one day, we are likely to reach actual parity but gosh it has been tough to get there!