by John Borst, PP Rotary Club of Dryden, ON

Back about 2011, Rotary International offered us an opportunity to receive our copy of The Rotarian electronically, through the e-magazine portal Zinio.

Since I have a very bad habit of never throwing out magazines, I took them up on the offer. So after six years, reviewing the question of “To be or not to be”…an electronic subscriber what advice would I offer.

In a nutshell, do both!

I found that I didn’t read the issues as frequently nor as thoroughly in the digital format as I did when I received them as paper. And this became worse as the years went by until I didn’t read them at all.

A few short months ago, however, I wanted to view one of the copies. And that is when the “fun” began!

When I got into Zinio, I discovered that I had no issue later than June of 2015. When I checked my settings and subscription nothing was “active”. But I’m a fully paid-up member and the subscription comes with my membership so where is it, I wondered. All the Zinio site would do is ask me to pay for a subscription.

I’m writing this now because, on November 17th, I received a notice that the December issue was available. This meant RI was still posting it to Zinio for me. But where?

Since then, I have been trying, once again to solve the puzzle of retrieving the electronic copy. I had not, even after contacting both Zinio and Rotary, had any success at locating the December issue over the past 10 days.

But today, I solved the mystery of its disappearance.


In July of 2015, I had to change my e-mail address on my Rotary profile on our club’s ClubRunner site.  When I looked at the RI post I noticed two entry points: “View Your Library Now” and “Read it Now”. This time I took the latter.


And came to a page at Zinio where I had two options (a) “If you already have an account, sign in here” or (b) New to Zinio? Please register to set up your digital magazine delivery”.

Knowing that the first choice took me to the discontinued service and noticing the noronwe, gmail address I registered anew. And wonder of wonders, there were all my issues from July 2015 onwards.

Although, it’s nice not having all that extra paper around, it is also no good for Rotary to produce the magazine if I’m not reading it. After-all there is still a real cost to producing a digital issue.

Would I go digital if given the choice over again? I think you know the answer is no. But when there is a choice to do both and if you are in a transition stage, as a senior, then, take it. It is nice after all to not have to carry extra weight when one travels.

One final note! Rotary does post access to the individual articles on the members only “My Rotary” website. See .