by John Borst, Past president Rotary Club of Dryden, ON

The “how” and “why” of this Rotary blog’s creation is much like the above picture: mysterious!

An empty table, a communal table, chairs pushed forward as if closed yet it is open as the two patrons demonstrate. Two cups, are they empty or full? Yet only one chair! So where is the chair for the second cup? In fact, as the smartphone, a BlackBerry perhaps, attests its owner must be close by. A little weird yes.

In many ways, it is a lonely picture. And in many ways, blogging too is like that. You have these thoughts and they roll around in your head. They belong to no one but you. And if you are like me, you have to get them out. And the way we do that with any permanence is by writing them down.

It takes courage; maybe it’s like leaving the smartphone on the table. Or maybe, it’s a sense of trust, strong or foolish; you don’t know until you try.

coffee-shop-4-300x200Back in late 2010, as a wet-behind-the-ears Rotarian of about 12 months, I was asked to revise and update District 5550’s website. By March of 2011, I had reconceptualized the site in the form of a newspaper and one of the features of any good newspaper is its editorial and opinion pages. Thus, I created without any oversight or complaint a blog called 5550opinions.

That is until now; 197 posts and nearly six years later when I finally created an editorial

Five lessons for Rotary gleaned from the 2016 election.

which caused such a ruckus, Rotarians were contacting the D5550 District Governor. It was they complained, a commentary too political for Rotary  International.

After discussion with the District’s executive committee, I agreed to remove it from the D5550 site but I did not want it to disappear entirely, so I created Wethe4 and kept the title without the story on the 5550opinions and replaced it with a link to the story on this site. I even discovered a bonus to the move, now both sites collect viewer and visitor data for the one article.

You can use your own imagination as to what is what in the table, chairs and cups metaphor.

If you are curious as to how I arrived at the name check out the About tab. Suffice it to say, it owes its inspiration to Drake’s campaign to build the NBA Raptor’s brand with “We the North” combined with his number “6” a Millenial’s way to identify the City of Toronto.

Finally, I would welcome contributions from other Rotarians who have the courage to write on their Rotary story or wish to share their opinion on Rotary with others. Ideally, I would like three other “regular” contributors so we have 4.