Is RI comparing apples to oranges in their logo survey of Youth Programs?

Rotary International is currently soliciting replies to a survey on modernizing the logos of its youth programs specifically Rotaract, Interact, RYLA and Youth Exchange.

Once you have chosen a preference you get 14 statements which you are asked to rank on a six point scale.

Frankly, I found some strange inconsistencies among the statements; however one particular statement stands out among all the others.

It is “The Rotary Wheel should only be worn by Rotarians.” On the Rotaract response page two related statements were presented. Photoshopped they look like this:


Personally, I never conceived of the idea that only a Rotarian could wear a Rotarian pin. When we use our Paul Harris points to honour a community citizen as a Paul Harris Fellow surely we feel they are worthy of wearing a Rotary pin. If for reasons of health, age, or changed circumstances a member decides to resign can that member never again wear the Rotary pin?

Similarly, is this a questionnaire about designing a logo for a Rotary program or a pin? A logo is used to promote a program while sending a message. In this case it says that Rotaract is a program which belongs to the Rotary family.  The inclusion of the statement: “The Rotary Wheel should only be worn by Rotarians.”  appears to confuse apples with oranges.

As to the issue of appropriateness for a Rotary program to be associated with the Rotary wheel when both the current RYLA and Student Exchange programs have been so identified, it leaves one wondering about just what conversations have gone on behind closed doors and for how long.  The shadows of elitism appear to be a lurking presence in the background.

For what it is worth here are the choices in each of the programs under consideration:





Student Exchange




Now go out and make your preferences known, visit