By D K Lee, Trustee Chair, Rotary Foundation

December is Family Month, a time when we pay special attention to Rotary’s large and expanding family. Rotary is not just 1.2 million Rotarians in 34,558 clubs. We’re 365,125 Interactors, 133,860 Rotaractors, and 174,547 Rotary Community Corps members. Our family includes the spouses and children of Rotarians. It also encompasses the dozens of community nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations that Rotary has forged partnerships with. The family of Rotary is millions strong – and it continues to grow as we keep developing new ties.

December-Family-MonthOne thing we all know in Rotary is that we can do more together than we can alone. Together, we have a tremendous reach. We need to ensure that Rotary keeps growing, in all the branches of our family. When we work with local NGOs and other organizations, we gain more knowledge and more insight. We add to our resources and our abilities. And we build more bridges of understanding, friendship, and cooperation. By partnering with others throughout the world, we not only can achieve more than we set out to do but also can grow the Rotary family.

We have learned through our long history in the fight against polio how effective such partnerships can be. Our many global partners have made polio eradication possible, and have helped us achieve a great deal of good along the way. This is an important lesson, and it is one we must build on in the years ahead.