Wilfrid J. Wilkinson Foundation Trustee Chair

As we begin another calendar year, I’d like to offer my best wishes to all Rotarians for 2013, the 108th year of Rotary’s existence. This will be a year of momentous change for our Foundation. Our new grant model will be implemented worldwide six months from now, bringing changes to every district. We are looking to you to make sure those changes will be a success.

One of the fundamental premises of district grants under the Future Vision Plan is that Rotarians at the district level can determine what they can accomplish, whether in their own communities or abroad, more effectively than the Foundation can from a central office in Evanston. The new grant model puts responsibility for decision making, and for wise and careful use of substantial Foundation resources, into the hands of Rotarians at this level.

Our success will be supported by our investment of time and money in our International Assembly, the annual training for district governors-elect that takes place later this month in San Diego. This year’s event will include a great deal of information and education about Future Vision. As a result, whenyour district leaders return home, you will find them specially trained to lead Rotary and its Foundation to a successful conclusion to the 2012-13 year. We’ll create a solid basis for an even stronger Foundation in 2013-14, helping us as Rotarians with Doing Good in the World.