By Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, Foundation Trustee Chair

In July, I outlined the goals that your Rotary Foundation has set for 2012-13. In August, I emphasized that while it is essential to have goals, we can’t achieve them without a plan.

Many clubs and districts are off to a flying start and have both goals and a plan, and I offer them my sincere congratulations. However, nearly 50 years of experience in Rotary suggests to me that a much greater number are only starting to plan now. I would like to offer some ideas.

Every club should have a meeting that highlights the good work that our Foundation is doing. Perhaps it is a report on a recent Matching Grant project, Group Study Exchange, or vocational training team, or a talk by a former Rotary Peace Fellow or Ambassadorial Scholar. Perhaps Rotarians in your club or district have participated in a National Immunization Day and have seen firsthand the work to End Polio Now.

After you have made the case for our Foundation’s work all over the world, it is essential that you ask for both physical and financial support. How about discussing local Foundation projects? Inviting every member to contribute? Inviting non-members to contribute? Presenting the opportunity to become Paul Harris Fellows, Major Donors, and Bequest Society members? Perhaps your meeting on the Foundation will be so effective, it will inspire an individual to become a member of the Arch C. Klumph Society.

My request is that every Rotarian do something, and more important, encourage others to do something.

The world needs Rotary, but Rotary needs like-minded people to join us as we continue Doing Good in the World.

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