by Bill Boyd, Foundation Trustee Chair

A friend who is an Arch C. Klumph Society member recently sent me an email ending with words that remind us of why we support our Foundation.

John began life in humble circumstances and became a successful businessman. Through our Foundation, he has shared that success with people who have no ability to help themselves.

He said: “As someone who was born poor on a farm during the Depression, I can confirm that when you have nothing, a little bit goes a long way to help. I remember like it was yesterday those neighbours and relatives who helped our family of nine and gave us support and encouragement. In essence, this is our Foundation’s mission.”

Another quote that impressed me recently came from a Rotarian at a Rotary institute: “I joined Rotary for business and fellowship. I stayed to change the world.”

For many of us, Rotary is our only way to change the world. As individuals, there is little we can do on our own, but when we join with our fellow Rotarians, we do make a difference. How we do that depends on where we are. If you are in a country with great needs, then you will be involved in identifying the needs of people and developing and implementing projects that will change their lives. If you are one of this generation who has been blessed with success, then you can help by making resources available.

Our Rotary Foundation, in a sense, sits in the middle and makes the connection.

Our Rotary Foundation business model works, which is why we will in a few years celebrate 100 years of supporting Rotarians in making the world a better place. We have passed the test of time.

Source : Rotary International News