by Bill Boyd, Foundation Trustee Chair

As Rotarians, we often reduce our words to initials. We talk of GSEs. VTTs, NIDs, and PHFs. Our district officers are DGs, DGEs, and DGNs, and in Evanston we have a GS. We have plenty of PDGs and an occasional PRIP. I am sure you could add many more.

This month, I would like to focus on another set of initials: EREY. The words are Every Rotarian, Every Year , and they encourage every one of us to make an annual contribution to our Foundation. Despite the economic problems and the awful natural disasters, our giving to the Annual Programs Fund last year was the second highest in history. Thank you for your confidence that we are building a Foundation that will be stronger and even more effective in the future.

I read a lot of district and zone newsletters, and I smiled at a quote in a recent newsletter from District 7600, in Virginia, USA. In it, Bill Billings talked about how Rotary became more important to him as he became more involved. He went on to say, “These are my brightest days in Rotary because now I am learning what I can do for Rotary. I give to The Rotary Foundation every year because it feels so good.” At this point, his sense of humor came through. I am not sure if every country has telemarketing, but if yours does, you will appreciate Bill’s next words: “But I also give to the Foundation because it is the best defense against annoying telemarketers. When they call me I simply say, ‘I give my money to The Rotary Foundation, but thanks for calling and have a nice day.’ Click!”

Bill has made our Rotary Foundation his charity of choice. I hope you will too.