Bill Boyd, Foundation Trustee Chair

November is Rotary Foundation Month, and I hope you’ll focus on the Foundation with your club speakers and programs. How can our newer Rotarians understand the Foundation if we do not tell them what it is and what it does?

We are often not good communicators in Rotary, which is strange as we are business and community leaders. Maybe it is information overload or too much sport on television, but Rotary information is not a high priority for many Rotarians. For example, how would you answer these questions:

Is there an Ambassadorial Scholar in our district?

What is this Future Vision Plan, and what does it mean for our club?

What do we need to know about polio eradication, other than that it makes us feel good?

What is the difference between Group Study Exchange and vocational training teams?

I hear the words Every Rotarian, Every Year. What is that about?

How can The Rotary Foundation support our club’s desire to help people outside our community?

What are Rotarians doing on issues such as HIV/AIDS and water and sanitation?

Nobody in my club reads the Foundation annual report. Where does the money go?

What is our relationship with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?

The list of questions could go on, but the real question is, “What is our club doing to learn more about our Rotary Foundation?” If the answer is “not enough,” now might be a very good time to start.