March 31. 2011
by Yves Bourdeau, Moose Jaw, Wakamow

Did you know that April is Magazine Month, a time to celebrate the global network of Rotary’s official magazines, which provide valuable information to 1.2 million Rotarians?
Ever since I first joined Rotary I have heard Rotarians say we have a communication problem in our club or in the District.  This is an age old problem. We have our club bulletins and District Governor’s Newsletters, and The Rotarian to keep us informed of what is happening in the world of Rotary.

It is every club’s responsibility to keep their members abreast of what is happening in their club and in turn it is up to the District and RI to keep the members up to date with the changes, challenges, and goals of Rotary at an international level.

Every club president and committee person should encourage the Rotarians to read the District Governor’s Newsletter and The Rotarian to keep up to date with Rotary outside the club level. It is encouraging to talk with Rotarians within the District who are well informed of the direction in which Rotary is heading.

If we are to promote Rotary to others then we need to be well informed. A potential member may not be interested in Polio but may be willing to work on another  Rotary project.

Communication. Know your product, know your programs, and know your projects and you can communicate with the potential members and those who just want to know what goes on in Rotary.

from the Rotary in Motion Newsletter of the Moose Jaw Wakamow Club for April 2011