March 29, 2011

by Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar, Foundation Trustee Chair

Not too long ago, the telegram was the way to communicate internationally. The telegram was replaced by the telex machine, which was followed by the facsimile. Now the Internet is the way of daily communication. Yet newspapers, books, and magazines are difficult to replace.

The Rotarian is our official magazine and a good source of information. We can read about Board decisions, upcoming events, possible changes within the administration, and projects from all over the world. According to our Manual of Procedure, the purpose of the official magazine shall be to serve as a medium to assist the Board in furthering the purpose of RI and the Object of Rotary.

Our official magazine is surrounded by 30 regional magazines, from Rotary Down Underto Rotary Norden and from El Rotario de Chile to The Rotary-No-Tomo. In addition to printing some of the same contents as our official magazine, these magazines bring a local touch to the reader. This is essential in light of the internationality of our organization.

The printed press is today threatened by a world getting more and more digital – a development we cannot halt. Today we have more and more conference calls, but these can never totally take over face-to-face meetings. In the same way, it is my hope that the printed press will still remain and the digital world will be complementary to it.

There is something very special in holding a book or a magazine in the hands. May therefore the Rotary magazines never disappear into cyberspace for good – the printed word is needed today and in the future just as it has been in the past.

Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar, Foundation Trustee Chair