March 25, 2011

by Eva Vida, District Governor Elect 2011-12

District 5550 celebrated its 100th anniversary in November 2010. For over 100 years Rotarians in this District have enjoyed fellowship and exchanged ideas on how to make this a better world.

This is now our history and we have gathered here today to commit a year of our lives as Rotary presidents and as leaders for 2011-12. 2011-12 is now your time, our time, to add to this history of Rotary in District 5550 and in the World.

What people will say of us in the future will be determined by the actions you and I take over the coming year. Let us be clear, each of us has a responsibility and a part to deliver to the people in the world that need help. It is not enough to just say that we will try our best. So if we are to be successful, each of us must commit fully to doing what must be done to make this a better World.

There are two very important questions to keep in mind as we go through this PETS weekend. They are: How will you prepare for this responsibility? And what will be your legacy?

Serving as president of your club, regardless of your years of experience, is a great responsibility. Your members and your communities, local and international will look to you for leadership. These few idea about what skills experts say a good leader needs, will serve you well:

  • Be a good listener; talk less, listen more!
  • Be flexible yet firm; chose to be strong by being soft and flexible rather than hard and brittle but be firm in upholding Rotary’s ideals.
  • Practice humility; let your team take the glory.
  • Above all, have fun and if you use humour, let the joke be on yourself.

Eva Vida is District Governor for 2011-12. The above is an excerpt from her speech to the Club President Elects at PETS, Russell, MB; March 17, 2011

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