Rotary Club

What is your club’s best annual fundraising event and in what range are the net earnings?

Wethe4-Interactive: where you write the story. Please write a comment on the social media platform where you read this. I will then gather the responses into this post to build a story on Rotary Club’s most successful fundraising events as… Continue Reading →

Ending a Culture of Decline by Creating a New Vision with GRASP

Grow Rotary Action Service Program (GRASP) By Richard Cunningham, PP Rotary Club of James River, Richmond, Virginia, USA One of the great things about Rotary is the opportunity to engage with wise, innovative and experienced leaders who not only read… Continue Reading →

Rotary and a candidate named Trump

by John Borst, Past President Rotary Club of Dryden, editor’s note: this is a piece of fiction. It is an imaginary story of what might happen if   Donald J Trump were a candidate for a Rotary Club. When Trump… Continue Reading →

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